Vernon Mochache Oyaro

MPH, Epidemiology '13

After completing studies for an MPH in epidemiology (international health track) in August 2013, Vernon Mochache Oyaro returned to his native Kenya to work as a project manager/physician with the International Center for Reproductive Health-Kenya in Mombasa. His new post is giving him project management skills and broadening his horizons.

"My passion is for reproductive health and for empowering women to take charge of their lives," he says. Dr. Mochache began looking for his job soon after graduation while working on his thesis and doing an internship at Seattle-based PATH. He sent out about 10 resumes to international NGOs. "It takes patience and a good education like the UW," Dr. Mochache says. "It takes getting to know people."

But the most important thing? "Pursuing what you really want to do and keep looking, looking….sooner or later, you'll find that job."