Application FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions regarding application to SPH programs.

In 2022, the University of Washington School of Public Health joined the Schools of Public Health Application System (S.O.P.H.A.S.) with our six unique MPH programs: Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Global Health, Health Systems and Population Health, Nutritional Sciences, and Public Health Genetics. SOPHAS is a one-stop-shop for all things admissions and applications, and you can apply to as many programs as you like.

IMPORTANT: Currently, only our MPH programs are in SOPHAS. If you are interested in any of our MS, MHA, or PhD degrees, you will contact that program directly.

MPH Application Process

Congratulations! You have decided to apply for admission to the University of Washington School of Public Health. You can easily apply online through the SOPHAS portal.

Step 1: Find a Program of Interest
Review each available MPH degree to determine the one best for you.

Step 2: Know Your Deadlines
Dates and deadlines will help you stay on top of submitting all important application materials. UWSPH MPH applications open on September 1.

Step 3: Know Your Application Requirements
Application requirements vary, but in general you will need to submit: a statement of purpose, personal history statement, equity, justice and anti-racism statement, resume/CV, and official transcripts. Your department, program, or degree track will also require additional materials.

Step 4: Apply Online
To begin your application, go to As you proceed through the SOPHAS application, you will also be instructed to complete the UW Graduate School online application. It is a dual process.


Know Your Deadlines

Knowing your program's deadlines will help you submit all required materials in a timely manner. Our SOPHAS MPH program all open on September 1. However, a few of the Close Dates differ. All deadlines are listed below:

Environmental Health Sciences: December 1, 2023

Epidemiology: December 1, 2023

Global Health: December 1, 2023

Health Systems & Population Health

  1. General Track: December 1, 2022
  2. Social and Behavioral Sciences: December 1, 2023
  3. Health Systems and Policy: December 1, 2023
  4. Community-Oriented Public Health Practice: January 15, 2024
  5. Online MPH: January 15, 2024

Nutritional Sciences: December 1, 2023

Public Health Genetics: January 29, 2024

1. Why do I need to complete two different applications to apply to the UW SPH? 

a. For applicants applying to start an MPH program in autumn 2024, an application must be submitted to both SOPHAS and the UW Graduate School. The Schools of Public Health Application System (SOPHAS) is used by most of the top SPH in the nation, which the UW has now joined. Most application materials will be submitted to SOPHAS. As a public university, however, UW must adhere to state law re: student and applicant records, meaning our Graduate School is also required to have an application for every applicant via our MyGrad application system 

2. Why do I have to pay two fees? 

a. SOPHAS and MyGrad both require an application fee; applicants must apply to both for their application to be considered. 

3. How do I apply for a fee waiver?

• SOPHAS: Please visit the fee assistance program website for details. We recommend submitting requests at the earliest possible convenience.

• UW: Please visit the application fee waiver website for details. 

4. What questions can I expect to answer in SOPHAS? 

a. SOPHAS contains four quadrants of questions. The first three quadrants, which include your personal information, academic history, and supporting information, will only be entered once, with the information submitted to every school/program an applicant chooses to apply to. The fourth quadrant is specific to each university. At UW, there will be a series of questions for all UW MPH applicants to answer. In addition, the specific program to which you are applying will have questions for you to answer. 

5. What questions can I expect to answer in MyGrad? 

a. Most application materials, information, and questions will be completed in SOPHAS. The University of Washington Graduate School application (MyGrad) is comprised only of information the UW is required by state law to collect. 

b. Additionally, non-native English speakers will be asked how they will fulfill the English proficiency requirements and will need to submit documentation to MyGrad. Review UW Graduate School English language proficiency requirements for additional information. Note: minimum requirements for individual programs may be higher than what is required by the UW Graduate School. 

6. How does the Personal History Statement differ from the Statement of Purpose? 

a. The Personal History Statement focuses on who you are as an individual and how experiences in your life have led you to pursue a Master in Public Health. The Statement of Purpose aims to understand your professional and academic background and why you wish to attend UW. 

7. Why do you include a question about equity, justice, and anti-racism? 

a. The work of equity, diversity and inclusion is the work of public health. The UW SPH is committed to a future that is free of health inequities, that promotes the highest level of wellness for the communities we serve, and a diverse and inclusive public health workforce that embodies humility, respect, leadership, and service on behalf of, and with, the diverse communities we are privileged to serve. It is an expectation that students entering our community understand equity, justice and anti-racism issues and it is important that prospective students demonstrate this during the admissions process. Please visit our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion page to learn more. 

8. Can I apply to more than one MPH program? 

a. Yes. Applicants can apply to as many MPH programs at UW as they wish. Each program will require its own SOPHAS application, MyGrad application, and all applicable and associated fees. 

9. I want to apply to a program at the UW School of Public Health, but I don’t see it in SOPHAS. Why don’t I see it listed? How to I apply for it? 

a. Right now, only the MPH programs at the School of Public Health are in SOPHAS. If you are planning to apply for a different program, please visit contact the department or program directly, Programs | UW School of Public Health ( Admissions for non-MPH degrees will occur via MyGrad.

10. When will I find out an admissions decision?

a. You will want to inquire to the department or program in which you applied. Each program could have a different notification timeline.

11. Where can I apply for funding or scholarships?

a. After you submit your application for admission, you can contact the department or program for any funding opportunities that are available. You can also view available funding in the Office of the Dean via Student and Academic Services at this link:

12. How will I know if all of my application materials were successfully submitted?

a. In the SOPHAS application, you can view the status of all submitted materials, including transcripts. In the UW Graduate School application, you will get a confirmation email once all required information is submitted.