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CDC panel says front-line workers and people over 74 should get vaccine next (The New York Times) - Beth Bell quoted

Food insecurity on the rise, part 1 and part 2 (KIRO Radio) - James Buszkiewicz interviewed

Moderna vaccine arrives in Seattle, with more coming later this week (The Seattle Times) - Andy Stergachis quoted

Uncertainty over new strain of COVID-19 virus (KOMO Radio) - Peter Rabiwoitz interviewed

Editorial: Use your smartphone to help contain the pandemic (The Seattle Times) - Janet Baseman quoted

UW Medicine is planning to stagger distribution of vaccine (KOMO 4) - Anna Wald interviewed

US coronavirus: CDC officially allows vaccine to be administered as shipments begin (CNN) - Beth Bell quoted

It’s all about air flow: How to keep coronavirus at bay indoors (KUOW) - Marissa Bake quoted

Coronavirus live updates: States need money for vaccinations, but Congress stalled on relief (CNBC) Beth Bell quoted

ACIP votes to recommend Pfizer vaccine for those 16 and older (The Washington Post) - Beth Bell quoted

Here's how we know the COVID-19 vaccines are safe (Men's Health) - Sonali Kochhar quoted

Experts grapple with COVID-19 vaccine guidance on severe allergies (Stat News) - Beth Bell quoted

How coronavirus is turning health departments into a lightning rod for political wrath, in Washington and beyond (The Seattle Times) - Betty Bekemeier quoted

New vaccine questions answered (KING 5) - Anna Wald interviewed

What does FDA EUA mean for Pfizer COVID vaccine? (Refinery29) - Anna Wald quoted

COVID vaccine: When Pfizer will get FDA committee vote for US approval (USA Today) - Corey Casper quoted

Use your smartphone to help contain the pandemic (The Seattle Times) - Janet Baseman quoted

It's all about air flow: How to keep coronavirus at bay indoors (KUOW) - Marissa Baker quoted

The new COVID vaccines are safe. Here's how we know. (Men's Health) - Sonali Kochhar quoted

As COVID-19 vaccines are shipped, experts appear divided on guidance for those with history of severe allergic reaction (STAT News) - Beth Bell quoted

How Washington state hospitals are preparing for 'unprecedented' rollout of coronavirus vaccine (The Seattle Times) - Andy Stergachis quoted

'Seattle Now': 'There’s nowhere to hide' from the third wave (KUOW) - Judith Malmgren interviewed

Are cities safe during a COVID-19 outbreak? (The New York Times) - Janet Baseman quoted

Opinion: Operation Warp Speed’s initial vaccine distribution plan has winners and losers among states (US News) - written by Sema Sgaier 

COVID-19 pandemic has changed since March: More deaths, vaccine closer (USA Today) - Jen Balkus quoted

Can drinking alcohol kill germs? Definitely not — here’s why (Insider) - Stefan Fihn quoted

Public health officials enlist youth to slow the rapid spread of COVID-19 among young people in Seattle (The Seattle Times) - Judith Malmgren quoted

More than 1 million sign up for COVID-19 exposure app so far in Washington (KING 5) - Jen Balkus quoted

Vaccine participation needed for results (KOMO 4) - Andy Stergachis interviewed

America is having a third coronavirus wave — some countries are having their first (Huffington Post) - Brandon Guthrie guoted

How 700 epidemiologists are living now, and what they think is next (The New York Times) - Victoria Holt quoted

The CDC director issued a stark warning that this upcoming winter could be ‘the most difficult time in the public health history’ of the US (Business Insider) - Beth Bell quoted

State health officials concerned about distributing COVID-19 vaccine (KOMO 4) - Andy Stergachis interviewed

Opinion: Why are all the prominent COVID vaccines developed by women? (Bloomberg) - Lisa Jackson mentioned

A new frontier in at-home coronavirus testing (The New York Times) - Gerald Cangelosi quoted

How has COVID-19 changed our behavior? (KIRO Radio) - Nicole Errett interviewed

Long-term COVID-19 outlook (KOMO 4) - Ann Marie Kimball interviewed

In the time it takes CDC advisers to meet today, about 180 people will die from COVID-19, official says (CNN) - Beth Bell quoted

US averaging one COVID-19 death per minute: global heath expert (Business Insider) - Beth Bell quoted

The government’s failure to provide economic stimulus is killing people (Vox) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

Virus may have arrived in US in December, but didn’t spread until later (The New York Times) - Trevor Bedford quoted

Health workers, long-term care residents should get first doses of coronavirus vaccine, federal panel recommends (The Seattle Times) - Beth Bell quoted

CDC advisers recommend who should get COVID-19 vaccine first (KIRO 7) - Amanda Morse quoted

CDC advisory panel takes first shot at prioritizing who gets the first shots of COVID-19 vaccines (Science) - Beth Bell quoted

CDC advisers call for first COVID-19 vaccines to go to health care workers, long-term care facilities (ABC News) - Beth Bell quoted

Long-term-care residents and health workers should get vaccine first, CDC panel says (The New York Times) - Beth Bell quoted

US panel: First vaccines to health care workers, nursing homes (Associated Press) - Beth Bell quoted

Are bubbles safe? How to spot COVID-19 risks when dining outdoors this winter (The Seattle Times) - Marissa Baker quoted

Oregon confirms mink farm coronavirus outbreak (The Washington Post) - Peter Rabinowitz quoted

WA Notify on your smartphone is ‘latest tool’ in fight against pandemic (Q13) - Janet Baseman interviewed

Coronavirus cases spike among Puget Sound-area transit workers (The Seattle Times) - Marissa Baker quoted

How widespread is mask-wearing in Washington? UW study aims to find out, starting in King County (The Seattle Times) - Judith Wasserheit, Martin Cohen and Marissa Baker quoted

King County researchers want to know who is wearing a mask (KING 5) - Brandon Guthrie, Martin Cohen and Judith Wasserheit mentioned

Opinion: A pandemic holiday brings scientific gifts of innovation (The Seattle Times) - written by Judith Wasserheit and Larry Corey

It may look more crowded at the supermarket, but stores say they’re still playing it safe (The Boston Globe) - Marissa Baker quoted

How ventilation plays a role in reducing indoor spread of COVID-19 (Crosscut) - Martin Cohen quoted

CDC: Asymptomatic people estimated to cause over 50% of COVID-19 transmission (KOMO 4) - Ann Marie Kimball quoted

‘Essential workers’ likely to get earlier access to COVID-19 vaccine (Stat News) - Beth Bell quoted

Early coronavirus mutation made it harder to stop, evidence suggests (The New York Times) - Trevor Bedford quoted

Stores return to reusable bags as statewide ban on plastic bags looms (Kitsap Sun) - Marilyn Roberts quoted

That new study saying masks might not be effective? It has a few caveats (Political Science) - Gerald Cangelosi quoted

COVID’s persistence leads GOP, Democrats to same half-measures (Bloomberg) - Janet Baseman quoted

With people encouraged to stay home, what will Thanksgiving week travel look like this pandemic year? (The Seattle Times) - Christopher Sanford quoted

Virus surge places strain on Pennsylvania’s contact tracers (Associated Press) - Janet Baseman quoted

COVID-19 test before Thanksgiving travel: When to get coronavirus test (USA Today) - Christopher Sanford quoted

Higher viral load more deadly for COVID-19 hospital patients, UW analysis finds (The Seattle Times) - Jennifer Ross quoted

Opinion: Focus on health needs of those most in need, including Latinx communities (The Seattle Times) - written by India Ornelas, Barbara Baquero and Eric Chavez Santos

Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine may be nearly 95% effective (KOMO Radio) - Peter Gilbert interviewed

How to slow a resurgent virus? Europe and the US employ divergent strategies (The New York Times) - Janet Baseman quoted

Overwhelmed public health workers look for new strategies against rampaging coronavirus (The Oregonian) - Janet Baseman quoted

Tips for hosting a smaller, safer, successful pandemic Thanksgiving dinner (The Seattle Times) - Alison Drake quoted

With Thanksgiving around the corner, officials try to flatten the COVID-19 curve (KNKX) - Christopher Sanford quoted

Seattle restaurateurs worry for their future as Inslee shuts down indoor dining in Washington again (The Seattle Times) - Marissa Baker quoted

Should you travel this Thanksgiving? (KING 5) - Christopher Sanford interviewed

Recommendations for holiday travel (KUOW) - Hilary Godwin interviewed

UW doctor shares advice for holiday travel during the COVID-19 pandemic (MyNorthwest) - Christopher Sanford quoted

A COVID-19 vaccine for children could be available next fall (KIRO 7) - Anna Wald quoted

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine could change the future of vaccines (Quartz) - Malcom Duthie quoted

Should you travel for the holidays? UW Medicine experts answer (KNDO) - Christopher Sanford quoted

Evictions would raise COVID-19 risk for everyone (Live Science) - Hilary Godwin quoted

‘Seattle Now’: Minimizing our COVID-19 risk this winter (KUOW) - Marissa Baker interviewed

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine shows promise, but don’t expect it in pharmacy anytime soon (Q13) - Anna Wald quoted

With rising COVID-19 cases in Washington, health officials keep wary eye on hospital capacity (The Seattle Times) - Janet Baseman quoted

Roll up your sleeve to fight COVID-19: 3 new vaccine trials will start soon in the Seattle area (The Seattle Times) - Anna Wald quoted

Study hints that lack of COVID-19 testing shouldn’t deter Washington schools from bringing kids back in-person (The Seattle Times) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

How to safely celebrate the holidays in-person this year — doctor-recommended tips (Parade) - Steve Mooney quoted

Lions and tigers and anteaters? US scientists scan the menagerie for COVID-19 (The Seattle Times) - Peter Rabinowitz quoted

Amid taunts to fire Fauci, state health officials worry about rising COVID-19 cases (KOMO 4) - Christopher Sanford quoted

To pod, or not? (KUOW) - Alison Drake interviewed

Fred Hutch researchers uncover new genetic details of White House COVID-19 outbreak (GeekWire) - Trevor Bedford quoted

Survey shows mixed feelings about contract tracing, quarantining (Marketplace) - Marissa Baker quoted

As coronavirus cases rise, Washington schools are reversing course on reopening plans (The Seattle Times) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

Tests show genetic signature of coronavirus that likely infected Trump (The New York Times) - Trevor Bedford quoted

Cats, dogs, dolphins and more animals get COVID-19 tests (CNN) - Peter Rabinowitz quoted

Early data suggests some schools can safely reopen, state health officials say (The Seattle Times) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

Will the hardest-hit communities get the coronavirus vaccine? (The New York Times) - Beth Bell quoted

Tips for a safe and fun Halloween (KOMO 4) - Peter Rabinowitz quoted

Health experts weigh in on what we’ll have to do to get through a winter of COVID-19 (GeekWire) - Trevor Bedford quoted

Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent or cure COVID-19, study says (KUOW) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

Is it safe to fly during COVID-19 pandemic? Two reports at odds (USA TODAY) - Christopher Sanford quoted

Seattle Public Schools extends remote education to January (GeekWire) - UW School of Public Health study referenced

UW researchers find hydroxychloroquine does not prevent people from getting COVID-19 (KING 5) - Ruanne Barnabas interviewed

Gates-funded UW study shows hydroxychloroquine doesn’t prevent COVID-19 (The Seattle Times) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

Essential workers — including those in health care — hit hard by COVID-19 and environmental health threats (South Seattle Emerald) - Marissa Baker quoted

The EPA refuses to reduce pollutants linked to coronavirus deaths (ProPublica) - Lianne Sheppard quoted

How to form winter pandemic pods (KUOW) - Alison Drake quoted

New study shows how students around the world are returning back to school amid COVID-19 (ABC News) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

When it comes to indoor dining, restaurant workers face the greatest risk (Eater) - Marissa Baker quoted

From miniature houses to a one-room schoolhouse, Seattle Times readers show off pandemic projects (The Seattle Times) - Jonathan Chen quoted

When there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at a hotel, who gets to know and when? Salish Lodge becomes a case study for Seattle’s hoteliers (The Seattle Times) - Marissa Baker quoted

UW tracks COVID-19 impact on food insecurity (KING 5) - Adam Drewnowski shares his research

Plexiglass shields are everywhere, but it’s not clear how much they help (CNN) - Marissa Baker quoted

Vaccines for the novel coronavirus: How they are approved, who would get one first and other key things to know (The Seattle Times) - Anna Wald quoted

Making sense of Sweden (The New York Times) - Janet Baseman quoted

The first COVID-19 vaccine will not make life normal again (The New York Times) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

UW Medicine, Fred Hutch test experimental antibody treatment used on Trump for COVID-19 (KING 5) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

Fred Hutch, UW begin recruiting for Regeneron trial, a treatment touted as a ‘cure’ by Trump ( - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

UW Medicine recruits for antibody cocktail test (KGMI) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

UW, Fred Hutch researchers recruiting patients for Regeneron antibody trial (MyNorthwest) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

Preventative antibody study underway (KATU) - Ruanne Barnabas interviewed

Antibody cocktail given to President Trump to be tested on patients in Seattle (KIRO 7) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

University of Washington researchers starting clinical trial on Regeneron COVID-19 treatment (Q13) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

COVID-19 testing is key, but a testing-only strategy is a ‘complete failure’ (CNN) - Jared Baeten quoted

‘An embarrassment’: Trump tweet angers pandemic survivors (Associated Press) - Janet Baseman quoted

Opinion: Seniors matter, we ache for the losses to COVID-19 — and we vote (The Seattle Times) - by Ann Marie Kimball 

‘There was nothing to help me’: how the pandemic has worsened opioid addiction (The Gaurdian) - Caleb Banta-Green quoted

Seattle trials underway for experimental antibody drug used for Trump’s COVID-19 treatment (KING 5 News) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

From HIV to COVID-19: Fauci on his ‘complicated relationship’ with activist Larry Kramer (NBC News) - Adrienne Shapiro quoted

How COVID-19 affects some people long after they become infected with the coronavirus (The Seattle Times) - Jennifer Ross quoted

Free at-home COVID-19 testing is going to rich and white people in King County (KUOW) - Meron Girma quoted

COVID-19 and school reopenings, explained in 10 facts (Vox) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

Patients found to have lingering COVID symptoms for months after illness (MyNorthwest) - Jennifer Ross quoted

The COVID-19 literature report (KUOW) - Jennifer Ross interviewed

Comparing school reopenings during the coronavirus crisis (Los Angeles Times) - study from UNESCO, the UW Department of Global Health, Our World in Data and the Kaiser Family Foundation is referenced.

Suffering from COVID-19 science overload? This UW team wades through the deluge so you don’t have to (The Seattle Times) - Brandon Guthrie, Jennifer Ross and Wenwen Jiang quoted

Masks are coveted items with COVID-19 and smoke sweeping West Coast (Bloomberg) - Joel Kaufman quoted

Vaccine messaging faces unprecedented test with COVID-19 – success of a vaccine hinges on it (Yahoo! News) - Beth Bell quoted

A judge ordered him released from prison due to COVID-19 concerns — he died of the disease two months later in ICE custody (Buzzfeed) - Marc Stern quoted

How coronavirus spotlights public health majors ( US News) - Sara Mackenzie and Olivia Ancrum quoted

Will Halloween in Seattle be canceled by COVID-19? Not exactly — but here’s how the holiday will be different (The Seattle Times) - Scott Meschke quoted

With COVID-19, vaccine messaging faces an unprecedented test (Undark) - Beth Bell quoted

Seattle Now: COVID-19 reality check (KUOW) - Judith Malmgren interviewed

A look back at first death from COVID-19 in the US (NPR) - Janet Baseman quoted

Food insecurity spikes sharply among Black and Hispanic families (KIRO 7) - Jennifer Otten quoted

Food insecurity rates have more than doubled since start of COVID-19 pandemic (KNKX) - Jennifer Otten quoted

When will there be a COVID-19 vaccine and should you trust that it's safe? (Newsweek) - Hilary Godwin quoted

Should you send your child back to school? The expert consensus leans toward ‘yes,’ with caveats (The Boston Globe) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

The NFL has a COVID-19 tracing system, but will it work? (The Daily Beast) - Janet Baseman quoted

What Google Trends doesn’t say about the spread of COVID-19 - (Quartz) Steve Mooney quoted

How to vacation with friends during the pandemic (VICE) - Steve Mooney quoted

Release of ‘Tenet’ marks major test for movie industry in COVID-19 era (NBC News) - Jen Balkus quoted

Here’s what the CDC’s COVID-19 deaths data really means (SELF) - Steve Hawes quoted

The plan if wildfire smoke descends on Seattle during a pandemic? There is none (KUOW) - Joel Kaufman quoted

Can hydroxychloroquine prevent COVID-19? We’ll probably never know (Buzzfeed) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

There is a path out of America’s COVID-19 mess — if we choose to take it (National Geographic) - Hilary Godwin, Janet Baseman and Jared Baeten quoted

Is it safe to rent clothes during the coronavirus pandemic? (Huffington Post) - Marilyn Roberts quoted

Experts comment on emergency authorization of convalescent plasma as COVID-19 treatment (KOMO 4) - Anna Wald describes mixed results she has received using convalescent plasma

Seattle Now: ‘Phase 2 wasn’t a big success’ (KUOW) - Judith Malmgren explains what we need to know in the months ahead

Will King County public transit survive COVID-19? (Crosscut) - Jared Baeten quoted

Masks, driver shields, artificial intelligence: How do we make public transit in the Puget Sound area safe amid COVID-19? (The Seattle Times) - Marissa Baker and Gerald Cangelosi quoted 

Herd immunity may be slowing spread in US, as study finds 40% community infection provides protection (Newsweek) - Trevor Bedford quoted

Opinion: ‘Health vs economy’ is COVID-19 déjà vu all over again with tobacco (The Hill) - written by Tim McAfee of health services and Chris Bostic of Action on Smoking and Health

Public health officials: It’s time to start treating COVID-19 like the new normal (Puget Sound Business Journal) - Hilary Godwin quoted

What happens once we get a coronavirus vaccine? (KUOW) - Hilary Godwin on the Aug. 10 episode of "The Record"

Will America Let COVID-19 Become The Next HIV? (Huffington Post) - Jared Baeten quoted

Analysis: COVID-19 is hitting tipped workers hard (The Conversation) - Sarah Andrea quoted

Russia grants regulatory approval to COVID-19 vaccine, researchers skeptical (KIRO 7) - Anna Wald quoted

Evidence is growing, but what will it take to prove masks slow the spread of COVID-19? (The Seattle Times) - Jared Baeten quoted

Experts predict what life will be like after a COVID-19 vaccine arrives (Huffington Post) - Hilary Godwin quoted

The unique US failure to control the virus (The New York Times) - Jared Baeten quoted

How dual threats of heat and COVID-19 exacerbate threats to vulnerable communities (PBS NewsHour) - Kristie Ebi quoted

Early coronavirus drug trials tested vaccines mostly on white people; next phase aims for diversity (CNBC) - Michele Andrasik quoted

Epidemiologist: We need to change how we think of COVID-19 (PopSugar) - Janet Baseman quoted

Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak has sports world on edge (Los Angeles Times) - Jared Baeten quoted

Should Washington’s restaurants be left to self-police if employees test positive for coronavirus? (The Seattle Times) - Marissa Baker quoted

Cities try to keep people cool while keeping COVID-19 at bay (Marketplace) - Kristie Ebi quoted

Some countries reopened schools — what did they learn about kids and COVID? (WIRED) - Study by the Department of Global Health is referenced

Other countries opened schools, so why shouldn’t Texas? Outbreak severity, health experts say (San Antonio Express-News) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

States' coronavirus efforts vary, but old inequities are the common thread (Huffington Post) - Jared Baeten quoted

How a group of Seattle scientists revealed COVID-19's stateside spread (SeattleMet) - Trevor Bedford quoted

What the science says about reopening schools: Experts call for nuanced approach, based on data (GeekWire) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

Confusion spreads over system to determine priority access to Covid-19 vaccines (Stat News) - Beth Bell quoted

Can schools open safely during a pandemic? Looking abroad for answers (WBUR) - Brandon Guthrie quoted

Cities Hard Hit By Coronavirus Crisis Consider Rolling Back Reopenings (NPR) - Hilary Godwin quoted

Judge rules Washington agencies acted properly in developing emergency rules for farmworker housing (The Yakima Herald) - work by Anjum Hajat and Catherine Karr is referenced

What COVID-19 case data should be public? Officials weigh privacy, safety (The Daily News) - Jeff Sconyers quoted

Official COVID-19 fatalities may undercount pandemic's death toll by many hundreds in NW (KUOW) Anirban Basu quoted

Coronavirus: Government’s new messaging on face coverings criticized for promoting ‘useless’ masks (The Independent) - Marissa Baker quoted

Professor: Contact tracing is ‘essential’ to getting infectious diseases under control (Yahoo! News) - Janet Baseman joins "On the Move" panel

College football season teeters on the brink (The New York Times) - Steve Mooney quoted

How sewage could hold the key to containing future COVID-19 outbreaks (South China Morning Post) - Scott Meschke quoted

The Health 202: Why determining the coronavirus death rate is so tricky (The Washington Post) - Anirban Basu quoted

Why face mask meltdown videos of ‘Karens’ are popular and useless (Vox) - Jared Baeten quoted

Debunking mask myths (Q13) - Jennifer Balkus interviewed

UW responds to pressure from Trump administration to reopen in fall (MyNorthwest) - statement by the UW School of Public Health quoted

Epidemiologists share advice for anyone who has to fly right now (UPROXX) - Steve Mooney quoted

Did events like protests and bar reopenings lead to spikes in COVID-19 cases? (Reuters) - Jared Baeten quoted

Seattle Now: COVID catches up with youth (KUOW) - Judith Malmgren interviewed

How our sewage could warn us of future outbreaks of COVID-19 (The Seattle Times) - Scott Meschke quoted

This 4th of July, is it safe to go to a party or a bar? (NPR) - Scott Meschke quoted

Some COVID-19 Restrictions Are Being Lifted. But Is It Safe to Travel? (Time) - Hilary Godwin quoted

Dozens of University of Washington fraternity members positive for COVID-19 (UPI) - Hilary Godwin mentioned

Epidemiologists Share Advice For Anyone Dreaming Of A 4th Of July Party (UPROXX) - Steve Mooney interviewed

A divide among airlines (The New York Times) - Janet Baseman quoted in second story mentioned in the news updates section.

Younger Americans creating surge in coronavirus cases (Buzzfeed) - Anirban Basu quoted

How has the coronavirus shutdown affected air quality? (Seattle Met) - Jianbang Xiang quoted

Protests in Seattle and elsewhere don’t appear to be driving coronavirus surge, researchers say (The Seattle Times) - Jared Baeten quoted, Judith Malmgren referenced

Keeping elderly patients safe (Bloomberg) - Alison Roxby interviewed

COVID Threatens the 3 out of 4 Americans Who Can't Work From Home (Health Day) - Marissa Baker quoted

UW study: 75% of US workers can’t work exclusively from home, face greater risks during COVID-19 pandemic (KING 5) - Marissa Baker quoted

If the NBA can’t finish season safely, no U.S. league can (Yahoo! Sports) - Jared Baeten quoted

Restaurants are open for outdoor dining and drinking: Is it safe? (Vox) - Anne-Marie Gloster quoted

How the virus won (The New York Times) - Trevor Bedford quoted

How hard you're hit by coronavirus pandemic could be determined by your zip code (KNKX) - Adam Drewnowski interviewed

Gov. Inslee orders masks to be worn in public to help stem spread of coronavirus (The Seattle Times) - Jared Baeten quoted

Are more young people getting the coronavirus? Possible reasons for an uptick in cases (International Business Times) - Judith Malmgren quoted

Fearful commuters on trains, buses hold one key to US recovery (Bloomberg) - Hilary Godwin quoted

How the ‘R’ estimate explains the spread of coronavirus in Washington (KING 5) - Janet Baseman quoted

Should Florida’s coronavirus spike worry the NBA? ‘Absolutely,’ experts say (Yahoo! Sports) - Jared Baeten quoted

As more young adults catch coronavirus, can public health messages adapt? (NPR) - Judith Malmgren quoted

Doctor calls Parchman conditions 'deplorable' (Associated Press) - Marc Stern quoted

Can phone apps slow the spread of the coronavirus? (Science) - Allison Black quoted

People probably caught coronavirus from minks — that’s a wake-up call to study infections in animals, researchers say (The Washington Post) - Peter Rabinowitz quoted

Flying is a mess right now — will it ever be safe again? (Vice) - Steven Mooney quoted

Fans wants sports — sports want fans — but it’s not that simple (The New York Times) - Steven Mooney quoted

Explainer: The coronavirus risks of everyday activities as economies reopen (Reuters) - Jared Baeten quoted

FDA withdraws emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine (KUOW) - interview with Ruanne Barnabas

COVID-19 pandemic keeps cooling center closed despite rising temperatures (NPR) - interview with Kristie Ebi

How 132 epidemiologists are deciding when to send their children to school (The New York Times) - Joanna Cunha-Cruz, Steve Mooney and Amanda Phipps quoted

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, experts lay out 10-point plan for a genomic revolution in public health (GeekWire) - Allison Black quoted

Is there really such a thing as a 'super spreader'? (CNN) - Jared Baeten quoted

‘It’s really complicated.’ United States and others wrestle with putting COVID-19 vaccines to the test (Science) - Peter Gilbert quoted

Fears of second U.S. coronavirus wave rise on worrisome spike in cases, hospitalizations (Reuters) - Jared Baeten quoted

Tear gas during COVID-19 is a public health disaster (Popular Sciences) - Howard Hu quoted

When 511 Epidemiologists Expect to Fly, Hug and Do 18 Other Everyday Activities Again (The New York Times) - Steve Mooney quoted

After months of pleading for social distancing, health officials support Seattle protests — Black Lives Matter warns of dangers (The Seattle Times) - Jared Baeten quoted

Seattle epidemiologist finds spike of coronavirus cases in those under age 40 (KING 5) - Judith Malmgren quoted

Everyone — including Trump — has an opinion about this potential COVID-19 treatment, and that’s making it hard to find out if it works (The Boston Globe) - Ruanne Barnabas quoted

Thinking about traveling again? Here’s how to assess the risks. (VOX) - Jared Baeten quoted

Coronavirus Epidemics Began Later Than Believed, Study Concludes (The New York Times) - Trevor Bedford quoted

'We All Worry About it.' Grocery Workers Fear Confrontations With Shoppers Over Mask Rules (TIME) - quotes Marisa Baker

‘Where are the patients?’ People are avoiding doctors, hospitals because of coronavirus worries (The Seattle Times) - Jared Baeten quoted

Could the coronavirus reset society? Questions we should be asking about post-pandemic life (The Seattle Times) - Aaron Katz quoted

A third of all coronavirus deaths are in nursing homes (MSNBC) - Alison Roxby speaks on the Rachel Maddow Show

8 countries have coronavirus death rates above 10%, either due to disaster or limited testing (Business Insider) - Anirban Basu quoted

How do Alaska leaders know it’s safe to reopen the economy? It’s all about data – but it’s complicated. (Alaska Public Media) - Janet Baseman quoted

Cantwell pushing for federal airline distancing guidelines (KIRO 7) - Hilary Godwin quoted

You don’t need to worry about spreading the coronavirus with cash (The Conversation) - authored by Marilyn Roberts

Drug overdose deaths drop in U.S. as other deaths of despair rise, report finds (NBC News) - Caleb Banta-Green mentioned

Study projects US COVID-19 deaths to triple by end of year (The Hill) - quotes Anirban Basu

Ready to expand your quarantine bubble? Here's what you need to know (TODAY) - Hilary Godwin

Untangling coronavirus' uneven impact in the West (Crosscut) - quotes Jared Baeten

‘Clear, uniform, national’ coronavirus guidelines needed for U.S. air travel, Sen. Cantwell says (The Seattle Times) - Hilary Godwin quoted

'Death Sentence' - the hidden coronavirus toll in U.S. jails and prisons (Reuters) - Marc Stern quoted

Editorial: Washington needs COVID-19 testing plan (The Seattle Times) - quotes Judith Wasserheit

In Seattle’s polluted valley, pandemic and particulates are twin threats (KUOW) - quotes Joel Kaufman

You could be the citizen scientist the world needs right now (Crosscut) - quotes Nicole Errett, and mentions Tania Busch Isaksen

Can you infect your dog, cat or ferret with the coronavirus? WSU and UW researchers want to find out (The Seattle Times) - discusses study led by SPH researchers

How will COVID-19 affect air travel going forward? Some experts offer ideas (KOMO 4) – quotes Hilary Godwin and Ann Marie Kimball

New York saw 24,000 more deaths than normal this spring, a 400% jump (Business Insider) – quotes Elizabeth Halloran

White House push for airport fever screenings overrules CDC scientists (USA Today) – Alison Roxby quoted

Giving birth during a pandemic has particular risks for women of color (The Boston Globe) – quotes Betty Bekemeier 

New Washington study looking at whether our pets are vulnerable to COVID-19 (KOMO 4) – quotes Vickie Ramirez of the Center for One Health Research

These are the most dangerous jobs you can have in the age of coronavirus (NBC News) – quotes Marissa Baker

Changes to the airline industry in the wake of coronavirus (KUOW) - interview with Hilary Godwin

Mask or no mask? New social tension splits Seattle-area residents in coronavirus era (The Seattle Times) - quotes Jared Baeten

The Counterpunch (The Transmission Podcast EP. 11) - with Anna Wald

New York survey suggests nearly 14% in state may have coronavirus antibodies (Reuters) - quotes Stephen Hawes

Opinion: There Are More Cases Than We Thought. Is That Good News? (The New York Times) - quotes Jared Baeten

Why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for states to reopen their economies (The Conversation) - Q&A with Hilary Godwin

What will the sports fan’s experience look like after coronavirus? (The Boston Globe) - quotes Andy Stergachis

Africa needs Afrocentric solutions to beat COVID-19 (The Seattle Times) - op-ed written by Kingsley Ndoh

When will this end, and what comes next? Health officials and epidemiologists are working to figure out Washington’s coronavirus end game (The Seattle Times) - quotes Elizabeth Halloran, Trevor Bedford, Jeff Duchin and Kathryn Peebles

Racial disparities not apparent — yet — in WA coronavirus deaths (Crosscut) - quotes Jared Baeten

Washington state begins to ask: how does the coronavirus crisis end? (The Guardian) - quotes Hilary Godwin

It's going to be difficult - what the next phase of the virus may look like (David Leonhardt, New York Times) - quotes Jared Baeten

Stop state budget cuts during coronavirus pandemic and focus on tax reform (The Seattle Times) - op-ed co-authored by Stephen Bezruchka

Now is the time for a national public health reserve (The Hill) - op-ed co-authored by Alison Drake

Amid coronavirus crisis, exercise caution when exercising outdoors (Health Day/American Heart Assn. News) - features Jeffrey Harris

Michigan's COVID-19 death toll reaches 337, cases hit more than 9,300 (Detroit News) - quotes Stephen Hawes

Social distancing shows signs of curbing virus on West Coast (Bloomberg Politics) - quotes Janet Baseman

UW pandemic expert: Should we all be wearing masks during coronavirus? (MyNorthwest/KIRO Radio) - Peter Rabinowitz

CDC weighing new advice on masks in fighting coronavirus; experts say don’t take them from medical workers (The Seattle Times) - quotes Jared Baeten

New self-swab COVID-19 test is just as accurate, study finds (Everett Herald) - Gerald Cangelosi

With coronavirus, prison and jail sentences could become death sentences (The Seattle Times) - co-authored by Anjum Hajat

Preparedness Spending Exploded After 9/11. Is That Helping Now? (Undark magazine) - Anne Marie Kimball

Rapid virus spread prompts change in health district notices (The Everett Herald) - quotes Jared Baeten

How the coronavirus became an American catastrophe (The Atlantic) - quotes Trevor Bedford and Helen Chu

Coronavirus crisis exposes years of failure (The Hill) - quotes Janet Baseman

How to grocery shop safely during the coronavirus pandemic (Vox) - quotes Anne Marie Gloster

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Coronavirus crisis exposes years of failure (The Hill) - quotes Janet Baseman

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