Practicum Written and Visual Assignments

Updated: August 3, 2020

All students must submit a written assignment, a visual assignment, and at least two student-generated products, produced in the practicum setting for the practicum setting, that allow for demonstration of five MPH Foundational Competencies.

Students should use double-spacing, 11 fonts and include all four section headings in the written assignment.

Project Title

  1. Introduction (150-250 words, approx. ½ page) is the elevator speech of the practicum experience, preparing students for symposium presentation and professional networking. Structures of the introduction can vary. For example:
  1. Issues identified
  2. Description of the project, experience, service, or advocacy program
  3. Findings, lessons learned, impact
  4. Recommendations for future steps


  1. Agency/organization analysis (250-500 words, approx. 1-2 pages) is where students demonstrate their knowledge of the sponsoring agency/organization based on their practicum experience. For example:
    1. What is your position in the organization?
    2. What is the purpose/goal of the organization or team?
    3. What have you observed to be factors in determining policies and practices within the organization that either help or hinder its ability to effectively address its mission (e.g. elimination of structural bias, social inequities, and/or racism)?
    4. What would you recommend to the organization’s leaders?


  1. Project description (250-500 words, approx. 1-2 pages) is where students demonstrate what was completed and to place the experiences within the context of the sponsoring agency/organization.
    1. What is the problem or issue to be addressed by the practicum experience and deliverable(s) for the site?
    2. How did you approach the problem or issue?
    3. How will the resulting information, activities, and product be used and by whom? What decisions will it inform? What are the short-term and long-term impact on the organization?
    4. Submit at least two products for the site to the practicum dropbox in addition to the written and visual assignments.


  1. Self-evaluation (500-700 words, approx. 2-3 pages) is where students elaborate on their attainment of each of the five competencies outlined in their Learning Contract.
    1. How successful was I in achieving the learning objectives and scope of work? 
    2. Describe any unexpected accomplishments and challenges, if applicable.
    3. How could have my practicum experience been made better?
    4. What are the impacts this experience has had on my personal and professional development?
    5. Who are the contacts I have developed for future use?
    6. What would I recommend future students to prepare for their practicum? For example, I am glad I did X; I wish have done Y differently.

The visual assignment prepares students for the annual practicum symposium and other academic and professional conferences. View SPH branding page for a complete list of templates and logos.

Students are expected to submit a poster for the visual deliverable*.

  • They can set up their poster with this Poster Template (pptx). They may also use any design program such as Illustrator, Publisher or InDesign to design their poster.
  • Posters must be 36" x 24" size.
  • All posters are required to have the UW School of Public Health masthead.

*If a student submits a visual product for the site, the student may submit the visual product in place of the visual deliverable. In most cases, the following visual deliverables are accepted: poster, video, infographic, and PowerPoint. Email the Manager of Experiential Learning to confirm.