MPH Practicum

The Master of Public Health is a practitioner-oriented degree that emphasizes the improvement of policy and practice. The field practicum is an integral component of professional training in public health and is required of all MPH students in accredited programs such as those offered by the University of Washington's School of Public Health.

The practicum gives MPH students the opportunity to integrate and apply classroom learning with professional experience. It allows them to observe and learn from practicing professionals and to engage with real-world public health challenges, concurrently with their academic experience. At the same time, agencies gain fresh perspectives and a wide range of public health skills from students while contributing to a community's resources and solving active public health problems.

Under the guidance and expertise of faculty and site supervisors, students develop practical skills and confidence as public health professionals while gaining first-hand exposure to public health work.

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MPH Practicum Contract with Learning Objectives
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Looking for a practicum opportunity? 
Visit the Student Opportunities page.

The following students are eligible for an Alternative Practicum Fulfillment:

  • Students who plan to complete an R/UOP (111-3) program, IHOP (111-3) program, Madigan Preventative Medicine Residency, or the OEM Residency.
    • Students in this group must contact the Manager of Experiential Learning before they start their residency.


  • All Other Dual Degree/Concurrent Students.
    • Students in this group must contact the Manager of Experiential Learning during the first quarter of their MPH program for alternative practicum pre-approval.  If they start their practicum in the other school before they enroll in the School of Public Health, they must contact the Manager of Experiential Learning for pre-approval before they start their practicum in the other school.

Please contact the Manager of Experiential Learning at to obtain the proper forms and receive further instructions.