Public Health-Global Health Major 10th Anniversary

Olivia Brandon on the big and the small of health care

Olivia Brandon’s interests in health care swing from micro to macro. She loves sodium — not the variety most of us love at dinner time — but the element sodium and its impact on infant health. She’s so passionate, her lab peers will tell you she’s salty about it.

Sabica Nasar

In this Q&A, Sabica Nasar (PH-GH, ’22) describes the importance of social determinants of health and systems thinking to improve health outcomes at a population level.

How Brittney Dias finds a way for representation as business owner and children’s book author

There’s a line Brittney Dias wrote that’s been serving as inspiration for herself and the children she writes for: “No matter the time, no matter the day, Ava and Mae find a way.” Ava and Mae are two Black girls and protagonists of a children’s book series written by Dias. Their message of perseverance also speaks to the work Dias is committed to, which is to increase diverse representation of main characters in children’s media.