Andrea Ordonio

Patient Access Coordinator Lead, Fred Hutch Cancer Center
Public Health-Global Health '21
Kennesaw, GA

Why did you decide to major in PH-GH as an undergraduate? 

I always thought I would end up majoring in something like bioengineering. In my first year, I realized that public health and global health were my passion and that while technology creates specific solutions, upstream factors and human behaviors ultimately determine health. 

What have you been up to since graduating? 

I work with amazing patients as a patient access coordinator lead at Fred Hutch Cancer Center. This role allows me to help patients receive quality care from their providers and care team and promote healthy behaviors, such as by receiving yearly cancer screenings. I am also the communications chair for the PH-GH major’s Alumni Council.

How was the PH-GH major helpful to you after graduating? 

The major helped me view everything as a determinant of someone’s health and future.

What is something you learned from studying public health that has been useful to you since graduating? 

The major really emphasizes looking at the world’s ebbs and flows and observing how this affects real people and their lives. Policies can alter destinies and a data point is someone’s story. 

What is something you wish the general population knew about public health that might not be talked about? 

Health is wealth! It’s so okay to take a rest or self-care day to reinvest in yourself. 

What impact do you hope to have on the public health of your communities? 

I hope I can inspire my community to take back their health, such as by  receiving their yearly mammogram.  A lot of women delay their mammogram screenings due to barriers like fear or insurance coverage when there are state programs that cover screenings and facilities that make it a mission to give compassionate care.   

What advice do you have for public health students entering the workforce? 

Always remember why you fell in love with public health and that will keep you going, whether you’re applying for a program or job, or showing up at work and being present.


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