Practicum Advising & Supervision

Each student will be expected to work with the following individuals at different touchpoints of their Practicum. For questions about your Practicum project, Faculty Adviser, and Site Supervisor, contact Manager of Experiential Learning. For questions about registration, add codes, or credits being posted to transcripts, contact your Departmental Staff Adviser.

Practicum Faculty Adviser is a UWSPH faculty member who reviews and approves the learning contract, advises student on selecting a balanced set of practice-oriented, competency-based activities, and evaluates student’s overall practicum experience.

Site Supervisor is a public health practitioner affiliated with a public health organization who supervises the student’s work  on a day-to-day basis and evaluates the student in the practice setting throughout their practicum.

MPH Program Director/Practicum Faculty Lead is a UWSPH faculty member who provides curricular oversight and upholds the standards of practicum within their respective departments or programs. 

Departmental Staff Adviser is a department or program staff who collaborates with the Manager of Experiential Learning and Practicum Faculty Advisers on student advising and submits official credits for practicum.

Manager of Experiential Learning administers the practicum at the UWSPH, coordinates and advises all practicum participants to ensure a cohesive and engaging experience that meets practicum guidelines and complies with the CEPH accreditation requirements. Serves as the primary contact  for prospective practicum sites exploring opportunities with students.

Practicum Contacts

UW SPH Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs


MPH Program Director/Practicum Faculty Lead

Department/Program Staff Adviser

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

Tania Busch Isaksen
Amy Gundlack Ritter


Steve Schwartz
Kevin Schuda

Global Health

Keshet Ronen
Will Atienza

Health Systems and Population Health

Clarence Spigner
Erin Gunsul

Online MPH

Genya Shimkin
SJ Putz

Community-Oriented Public Health Practice

Jsani Henry
Mimi Krutein

Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health

Anne Lund
Nichole Waterman

Public Health Genetics

Brian Shirts
Annique Atwater

UW SPH Office of the Dean

Janet Baseman

Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Professor of

Janice North

Manager of Experiential