Application Checklist


Personal Statement

  • I understand I will be asked to submit written short answer responses to a set of questions, demonstrating my preparedness for the major. I can start on them when the questions become available in a separate document and paste it in the application.
  • The questions can be found in the application, toward the bottom of the page.


  • All my college work has been at the University of Washington or has already been transferred and updated on my UW transcript. (you don't need to upload transcripts)
  • I have college work at other institutions that has not yet been transferred to UW, or am a transfer student. I have gathered my transcripts for upload.  See transcript FAQs

Degree Plan

  • I plan to do a double major, and I have a written degree plan outlining what courses I will take and when.
  • I plan to do a double degree, I understand that a double degree requires a minimum of 225 credits, and I have a written degree plan outlining what courses I will take and when.
  • I currently have 120 or more college credits and/or 6 or more quarters in college, and I have a written degree plan outlining what courses I will take and when.
  • None of the above apply to me (you don't need to have a written degree plan).

You may find a downloadable course plan template on our Degree Sequencing page. If you are unsure of any of these items, please contact


The University has general regulations governing scholastic eligibility and satisfactory progress and the Public Health-Global Health Major has adopted requirements in order to make the best use of facilities and resources and to provide reasonable assurance of academic success.

Write a degree plan which outlines how you will make progress towards your degree if any of the following apply:

  • You have 120 or more college credits and 6 quarters in college at the time of application to the major
  • You plan to complete a double major
  • You plan to complete a double degree

This should be a thoughtful attempt of an outline or chart of what courses you will take when.


AUT 20
CHID 370 – 5
SPH 380 – 5
EPI 320 – 3
WIN 21
BIOST 310 – 4
SPH 381 – 5
B H 456 – 5
SPR 21
SOC WF 200 – 5
SOC 266 – 5
GH 401 – 1
SPH 480 – 5


AUT 21
SPH 481 – 5
POL S – 5 
NUTR 300 – 3
WIN 22
LSJ 376 – 5 
NUTR 303 – 5 
G H 402 – 1 
SPH 491 – 2
SPR 22
HSERV 482 – 4 
SPH 492 – 3
PH Elective – 5


Double Major

You earn a double major when both majors lead to the same degree name (e.g., BA, BS, BFA), even if the two majors are in different colleges or schools. For example, a BA in Public Health-Global Health and a BA in Geography is a double major. Double majors are completed within the typical 180 credits.

Double Degree

You earn a double degree when two majors lead to differently-named degrees (e.g., BA vs. BS). For example, a BS in Public Health-Global Health and a BS in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies is a double degree. Double degrees require a minimum of 225 credits.

Planning for a Double Major or Degree

PH-GH Advisers will strongly recommend a course plan that can be completed in 12 quarters total time at UW or less, and under 210 credits. If you feel your course plan will exceed 12 quarters or 210 credits, including a double degree, we recommend checking in with UW Office of Student Financial Aid and any scholarship requirements you may have.

Students completing a double major or double degree will also be expected to complete General Education requirements for both majors, as General Education requirements vary between the schools and colleges at UW.

Additionally, majors at UW will have varying requirements on how many credits can overlap. The PH-GH Major does not permit more than 10 credits of overlap between two majors. Please ensure in your course plan that you can complete both majors with no more than 10 credits of overlap.

Revised: Oct 14, 2021