Public Health-Global Health Honors

Departmental Honors allows students the opportunity to explore the Public Health-Global Health Major in greater depth. Departmental Honors can be completed in conjunction with Interdisciplinary Honors (to graduate with College Honors in Public Health), or alone (to graduate with Honors in Public Health). Our program is designed to build an engaged community of learners that can positively support each other’s growth.

Our honors program creates space for students to discuss their learning and share how they are seeing “public health in action.” Each component of the honors program is designed to both enhance students’ academic experience and allow students to practice critical public health career readiness skills such as collaboration, exploring positionality, and opening their work for feedback.

Joining Departmental Honors

To join the Public Health-Global Health Major Honor’s cohort you must meet minimum eligibility and demonstrate an interest in actively contributing to the cohort. All students who are eligible to enter the cohort are highly encouraged to apply. Students may apply to Departmental Honors by completing an application form available from the Public Health-Global Health Major during the Winter quarter of their first year in the program. Students selected for each cohort will start the Honors program in the Spring of their first year and in Autumn, Winter, and Spring of their final year in the Public Health-Global Health Major.

Timeline for Entry to Departmental Honors

Application Deadline Notification Period Term of Entry
Winter Quarter of Junior Year 3-5 weeks after the application deadline Spring Quarter of Junior Year


Grade Expectations
To pursue departmental honors, students must have earned a cumulative UW GPA of 3.3 or higher. Honors students are required to maintain a cumulative UW GPA of 3.3 or higher, and earn a Major GPA of 3.5 or higher by the completion of the program. Please contact PH-GH advisers with questions regarding GPA and eligibility.

Honors Requirements

  1. Honors Academic Projects (Ad Hoc): Honors students complete at least two Ad Hoc projects (a minimum of 9 CR of Coursework) that go above and beyond normal coursework predominantly in Elective Courses

    Students will design their Honors Ad Hoc Projects in collaboration with their instructors. Honors Ad Hoc projects provide students the opportunity to work with an instructor to create a plan of additional study in particular courses. This requires significant initiative to pursue a serious amount of supplementary work. Both the student and instructor must commit to the time and effort involved. 

    Examples of Prior Ad Hoc Project Titles: 

    -The Effects of Gentrification on Public Health: GEOG 478

    -Multilevel Research Study Evaluating the Culture of E-Cigarettes: SPH 480

    -Homeless women and Reproductive Health: PSYCH 487

    -Racism in Public Health: HSERV 479

  2. Honors Seminars (SPH 494): Honors students complete at least two Honors Seminars over Autumn, Winter and Spring of their final year.

    The seminars will help students to build a strong cohort and to: 1) do a deeper academic dive into public health topics that are of personal interest; 2) strengthen leadership and career development skills; and 3) explore how privilege and social positionality impact the understanding of public health models and frameworks in their future fields of study.

  3. Formal Public Presentation: Honors students are expected to conduct a poster or oral presentation. Students may present on an internship, research experience, or capstone project in a public forum. Most honors students will present a poster in the SPH Undergraduate Symposium. In addition to the SPH Undergraduate Symposium, a professional conference, a sponsored colloquium, or other opportunities may also be approved by the Public Health-Global Health Major.

Students should consult with advisers if they have any questions about departmental honors requirements.