Graduate Certificate in Global Health


The Graduate Certificate in Global Health was created in response to an increasing interest from graduates in the School of Public Health, and other UW departments and schools, for training in global health. The global health curriculum emphasizes the sociopolitical, economic, and geographic factors that, in addition to biomedical factors, have an impact on health in developing countries. Given the increasingly global nature of public health, an understanding of issues affecting public health worldwide is becoming a critical element in the training of public health professionals both here and abroad.


The Graduate Certificate in Global Health is intended to enhance the education of matriculated UW graduate students and professional students beyond their regular course of study. Please note that in order to complete this program, you need to reside in the state of Washington. 

Typically master's degree students begin taking coursework during their first year. One of the requirements of the program is an international capstone that requires going overseas, Master’s students generally do this between their first and second year and it is best to have completed the core coursework before. Students are encouraged to complete the certificate in one year. If two years pass without completing the program, students must reapply.

We do not accept Graduate nonmatriculated students into the program at this time.


  • Describe the most common proximate causes of morbidity, mortality and disability globally, both communicable and non-communicable, among newborns, children, adolescents, women and men; 
  • Analyze how historical, political and economic factors shape, maintain and reform health and health care systems; 
  • Apply quantitative or qualitative research methods within a low resource setting; and 
  • Work effectively and respectfully with individuals among diverse disciplines and populations.