MPH in Health Systems and Population Health: Health Systems and Policy concentration


Health Systems and Policy is an elective concentration of the MPH program for students who will hold analytic and leadership positions in a variety of settings related to health policy or improving the performance of healthcare systems. Students who complete the concentration will be well grounded in analytic methods, including statistics, epidemiology, policy analysis and economics. They can also acquire a deep understanding of how and where public policy is developed, what forms it takes, who the relevant actors and institutions are, the economic and legal forces that affect and are affected by public policy, and the history of public policy as it has shaped population health and health care markets.


Priority is given to applicants with clearly-defined training interests that align well with the strengths of the program, particularly those who already have had two or more years of relevant work experience.

Application Deadline:  December 1


Upon satisfactory completion of the MPH in Health Services, Health Systems and Policy concentration, graduates will be able to:

  • Meet the generic SPH learning objectives for the MPH degree;
  • Meet the Core-Specific Learning Objectives for all MPH students;
  • Develop and effectively communicate policy positions on key aspects of health system redesign, to both lay and professional audiences;
  • Use basic skills in health services research methods to analyze health policy issues;
  • Identify and analyze the role of stakeholders in health policy issues;
  • Analyze health policy issues, incorporating both scientific evidence and stakeholder interests;
  • Apply basic principles of economics, law, and ethics to complex health policy questions; and
  • Participate in and lead multidisciplinary and multi-cultural groups in addressing health policy issues.