Graduate Certificate in Maternal and Child Health


This pathway is designed to a offer coherent course of study for students interested in MCH content and tools to augment their primary training in other areas of Public Health (e.g., in International Health) and in allied fields such as Nursing, Social Work, Special Education, Public Affairs, Psychology and Medicine. The coordinated sequence of courses are intended to give graduates an overview of the historical, political and legislative basis for health and social services for mothers and children in the United States, and to introduce students to the etiology and prevention of maternal mortality and major health problems, and the etiology and prevention of child mortality and morbidities associated with biomedical or psychosocial risk.


This graduate certificate program offers a integrated course of study for students interested in maternal and child public health (MCH) content and tools. Students currently enrolled in any graduate program at the University of Washington may apply. Preference is given to students with demonstrated experience in MCH. Application instructions for the MCH Graduate Certificate Program can be found on the Graduate Certificates page of the Department of Epidemiology website.


  • Describe the etiology, epidemiology, and history of MCH problems;
  • Determine the validity of evidence for interventions addressing MCH problems
  • Describe the historical development of federal, state, and local agencies and programs serving women, children, and families; and their current structures and missions; and
  • Communicate effectively with diverse audiences, especially low-income families with limited access to quality health services, and children with special health care needs.