Stages of Approval

Students cannot begin their practicum work (a minimum of 160-hour work for a public health organization) until their approved/signed Learning Contract (including approval of their MPH Program Director) is submitted to the Practicum Dropbox. Students must follow the project timeline proposed in their Learning Contract and submit all forms and deliverables to the Practicum Dropbox as soon as they are approved throughout the practicum. Visit studentfaculty, and site pages for requirements specific to each role.

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Stage Form & Deliverable Description and Required Approval People Involved
Pre-Site Learning Contract The student develops a project proposal, in consultation with the Practicum Faculty Adviser and Site Supervisor, before the start of the practicum. The MPH Program Director for the student’s degree program provides oversight to the practicum curriculum and must approve the Learning Contract before the start of the practicum. The student must submit the approved learning contract to the Practicum Dropbox prior to registering for practicum credits. Site Supervisor

Practicum Faculty Adviser

MPH Program Directors or Practicum Faculty Leads
On-Site Midpoint Review The student provides project updates, reflects on the experience thus far, and documents changes (if applicable) to the Learning Contract mid-way through the practicum. The Site Supervisor approves the Midpoint Review to ensure that the practicum is on track in providing a valuable experience for the student, and that the student is contributing to the organization. The Faculty Adviser is notified to review the midpoint review once it is submitted to the Practicum Dropbox. Site Supervisor
Site Supervisor Concluding Evaluation The Site Supervisor evaluates the student’s professional attributes and a minimum of two products for the site to ensure on-site performance meets the practicum goals outlined in the Learning Contract and Midpoint Review. Site Supervisor
Post-Site UWSPH Written & Visual Assignments The student completes a written report summarizing the practicum experience, and a visual product for the annual practicum symposium, reviewed by the Practicum Faculty Adviser. Practicum Faculty Adviser
Practicum Faculty Adviser Evaluation The Practicum Faculty Adviser reviews the site supervisor concluding evaluation, products for the site, and written & visual assignments for UWSPH before completing an online evaluation to certify practicum completion. Practicum Faculty Adviser