Health Equity

Olivia Brandon on the big and the small of health care

Olivia Brandon’s interests in health care swing from micro to macro. She loves sodium — not the variety most of us love at dinner time — but the element sodium and its impact on infant health. She’s so passionate, her lab peers will tell you she’s salty about it.

Guardians of our spaces

School of Public Health alumna turns personal experiences and education into advocacy and action for UW custodians 

How Brittney Dias finds a way for representation as business owner and children’s book author

There’s a line Brittney Dias wrote that’s been serving as inspiration for herself and the children she writes for: “No matter the time, no matter the day, Ava and Mae find a way.” Ava and Mae are two Black girls and protagonists of a children’s book series written by Dias. Their message of perseverance also speaks to the work Dias is committed to, which is to increase diverse representation of main characters in children’s media.